Empirical Environmental and Energy Economics Discussion Group

Aug 13, 2013
"Do Housing Prices Reflect Environmental Health Risks? Evidence from More than 1600 Toxic Plant Openings and Closings" by Janet Currie, Lucas Davis, Michael Greenstone, and Reed Walker   Leslie Martin David Byrne 
Aug 27, 2013
"Market-Based Emissions Regulation and Industry Dynamics," by Meredith Fowlie, Mar Reguant, and Stephen P. Ryan  David Byrne Colette Marais 
Sep 13, 2013
"Truth-telling by Third-party Auditors and the Response of Polluting Firms: Experimental Evidence from India," by Esther Duflo, Michael Greenstone, Rohini Pande, and Nick Ryan  Ingrid Bufurd  Andrea Lanauze 
Sep 24, 2013
"Vehicle Scrappage and Gasoline Policy," by Mark Jacobsen and Arthur van Benthem  Andrea Lanauze   Leslie Martin
Oct 15, 2013
"A Spatial Approach to Energy Economics," by Juan Moreno Cruz and M. Scott Taylor   Leslie Martin   
Oct 22, 2013 
"Climate Amenities, Climate Change, and American Quality of Life," by David Albouy, Walter Graf, Ryan Kellogg, and Hendrik Wolff  John Haisken-Denew   
Nov 5, 2013
"Market-based Emissions Regulation When Damages Vary Across Sources: What Are the Gains from Differentiation?" by Meredith Fowlie and Nicholas Muller   Colette Marais Ingrid Bufurd

Presentations are held in Room 315 on alternating Tuesdays from noon to 1:30pm, unless otherwise indicated.